Hi. This is SJ, aka Silent_John or saarian_j. I go by many names: Johnsens, Belz, SM, DS, John, etc. Welcome to my PSO site. I don't expect a lot of viewers. Enjoy your stay.

The mobile version varies from the normal one, but it has all the information. However, the videos might not play on every device without an extra app for the flow player that webs uses. The site might also look different on different browsers. I use a pretty recent version of Firefox on both XP and 7.

Take your time, there's a lot to check out. I believe that everyone can get something out of this. I apologize in advance for the lack of structure and the overall bad layout. Some sections might be subject to change in the future though, as far as possible. Unfortunately, I have reached the free webspace limit for photo and video uploads. 'PSO' contains everything on this site about PSO GC 1&2 including my personal documentation.

Since game data is available anyway, you may consider this site as a source that focuses on aspects of gameplay. Data alone cannot tell you everything. My main interest lies in everything that revolves around attacking. The information given are merely my own suggestions on handling PSO GC. Additionally, Armand and I have documented our observations on various things we have encountered while playing this game. He also has access to the site builder. He's the only one who still plays with me regularly and understands. You have my respect, Bruder.

As only few play the game online today, and there are only 2 private servers the majority of players log on to, it has become more of a global community among the players, at least on the SCHTHACK servers. Players come and go, and there are less long-time players than there used to be. While the server population has always been more or less the same after 2010 (for GC), 2015 marks a low point for the entire server. Jumping to 2021, the GC scene is about as good as it gets regarding server population with up to 30+ players online at once as well as available resources.

I played mostly with friends from Germany back in the day, which was one great era. I bought the game a few weeks after its release (in Germany, March 7th, 2003) and suffered a card corruption at some point. That was when I stopped playing. I then rejoined PSO GC in early 05. I have played on Schtserv and Izakaya without longer breaks since April 3, 2007. I admit that it took me a while to adapt to the whole private server situation, most of the people and ST being gone.

As I have been playing continuously online since 2005 after a card corruption in 2004, I have created a huge PSO E1&2 existence and experienced pretty much everything you can. My brother played the game as well, but he quit in Dec 2006. One could say I did my time, but PSO GC has given me a lobby and I don't spend much time playing other games. What keeps me on PSO? I think it's the people you have met for the most part. I enjoy PSO meetings away from the keyboard as well.

Also, the details on the performative side keep me motivated. You may think you've seen it all, but there is always more to find out. It's not just the time you spend playing this game, but also the time you spend reading, researching, making and watching videos. I have recorded thousands of videos and I still look for new stuff every other day. As E1&2 is very cryptic, the dedicated player tries to collect as many information as possible. The later versions are more 'generous' and contain a few hints with regard to game mechanics.

Though large sections have a kind of 'elitist' tone to them, do not take everything super seriously. Among other things, you will read about stuff that works and what to avoid. I am not forcing some kind of 'playstyle' on anyone. It just seems natural to the human condition that where you spend a lot of time, you will improve what you do. And in some way every PSO player tries to get better; you pick up better items in any game mode and maintain a level of support, which ultimately results in killing things faster. It only makes sense to also improve the way you play.

Some of you may have noticed that this site is actually (not) being updated. I would probably write some things differently now, but the bulk of the content has been up here for so long that I find it hard to make substantial changes. Another problem is that I cannot put any spoilers or have more than 5 pages with the basic webs account.

Every player has an attitude; some care more, most care less. There are currently a lot of illegit players, and by illegit I do not mean the fact that people play on an illegitimate server. The game is supposed to be played online. I think that it's acceptable to maintain a server for online play.

I have 7 cards which contain main characters in Ultimate, and I have a backup card for each of them. I have 4 cards for former Challenge Mode characters that now serve as bank characters. Another 2 cards hold JP PSO Plus Challenge Mode data.


Germanizing peeps in progress


Schranko, Weltall, Ark, Darklink, Yuishin, Cold Forever, Yuki, Shadow, Lizard, Cody, Mixxey, Zaubernuss, Nirvana, Cali, Watashiva, Soi, Snipe, Lestat, Sokaku, Herb, Ricarda, Treki, Scerms Clone, Alya, Fhin, Panther, Anisha, Gofer, Rapid, Blaubaer, Kamuran, amm.


Andrew, Kumiko, Froy, Cozy


Gungrave, Trmc, Erinxh, Lars, Aerilas, Cry0, Zen, Xeno, Matt


Kiyoshi, Malkavian

English - UK/AUS:

Apollo, X, RJ, Draken Korin, Theo, Brocast, Monolith, Tom, Quazz, Hippie, Tian

English - US:

Kayak, Rappyslapper, Adam, Mie, Dark Shadow, Regal, Tony, Expert, Delusion, Raja, Sharky, Loc, Rob, Peanut, Chaos, Xenon, Cranberry, Jessica, Zeke, Wiz, Skyly, CT, Zenneth, Hound, Messatsu Gifoie, Harry, Xeno, Echo, Armand, Cody, Angel Star, Kevka, Mattie, Illusion, Asdf, Sara, amm.

English/French - CA:

Victoire, Chaos Magnum


Cocomi, Lustig, Vinny, Flyingcircus, Chiffon, Sasami, Majorika, Momo, Sapphire, Masquerade, Lufeliss, Crow, Nami, Usacots, Anomalocaris, Danna, Sanya, Pon, Rita, amm.


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